Tinsmithing Catalogue

As seen in the mini-series
Alias Grace

The Park House Tinsmith is located on site and has a variety of products for the reenactor and the home. Since 1978, the Park House Tinsmith has been providing goods for historic sites and museums across Canada, USA and UK.


YES, we do custom orders! If you don't see the item you are looking for in our catalogue... contact us with the details, and our tinsmiths will be happy to make it.


Do you have a reenactment coming up and need a mess dish, cup, powder tin, cooking implements, or canteen?

We've got you covered!


Do you need some new decor for your patio?

Try some of our punched lanterns.


...Cookie Cutters, Tea Sets, Tree Ornaments, Kettles...








How to order our products


By Telephone: 519 736 2511

By email: parkhousemuseum@bellnet.ca

Visit Us: 214 Dalhousie St, Amherstburg Ontario 

We have something for everyone!

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