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The History Detective 

This is a self-guided adventure is free to use. You can take as little or as long as you like. You can start the box on a Monday and come back to it on another day. It's completely on your schedule.


Your experience will be based on the level of effort you place into it. The base program of the discovery boxes is organized to help you look at history in a new way and immerse yourself into the past. It's not just memorizing facts and dates... it's about looking at the bigger picture of how we got here to this point in society. You do not need previous knowledge of history to become a History Detective. At the end of your experience, you will uncover how YOU are connected to these past people! 

  • Each box explores a real person from the past;

  • Each box will challenge you to try something new... a food... an activity... a skill;

  • Each box will give you a variety of experiences through texts, videos, photographs, Park House artefacts, and audio;



  • This experience is Google Docs based, so you will need access to the internet and Google; you may be required to create a Google account. Your best experience will be using a desktop, but you can use a tablet.

  • This program uses Canadian/ British spelling and grammar. 

  • It is recommended that you complete each box in sequence as they build upon one another; this is not mandatory, although there will be spoilers for previous boxes. 

  • Depending on the discovery box, plan to spend a minimum of 45 minutes to complete. However, your time is your choice. 

  • Due to the nature of history, we recommend that parents review the boxes to determine whether it is suitable content for youth between the ages 12 to 18; this program is suitable for youth 12+ and adults.

  • These boxes also create a great opportunity to discuss contemporary issues. 

History Detective Experience Tutorial

There is no longer an annual subscription service for History Detective. It's FREE to use, but your are encouraged to make a donation (link on home page) to help support the museum and its programs. Yes, participants are required to sign in, so we can track participation levels; the password is: 1234

Artefact Discovery Box 1 Fox.png

# 1

Artefact Discovery Box

Content Theme Awareness: soldier; baseball; friendship; WW1; nationalism; fireman; war; weapons

# 2

Artefact Discovery Box

Content Theme Awareness: medicine; vaccines; disease prevention; health; vaccinations; germ theory; blood; science; illness; LBGTQ; development; death

Artefact Box  2  Dr. Park.png
Artefact Box 3 - Martha Veney.png

# 3

Artefact Discovery Box

Content Theme Awareness: slavery; domestic violence; domestic servant; cook; disenfranchisement; inequality; murder.

# 4

Artefact Discovery Box

Content Theme Awareness: immigration; proprietor; musician; father; pharmaceuticals; migration; proprietorship   

Artefact Box 4 - Lushington.png
Artefact Box 5 Sarah O'Brene.png

# 5

Artefact Discovery Box

Content Theme Awareness: domestic servants; slavery; underground railway; disenfranchisement; racism; inequality

# 6

Artefact Discovery Box

Content Theme Awareness: World War 1; local industry; fishing; nationalism; battlefield sounds; weapons; nationalism; death


Artefact Box 6 Albert Edward Thomas.png
Artefact Box 7 Miss Elizabeth Park.png

# 7

Artefact Discovery Box

Content Theme Awareness: middle-class; social change; independence; spinster


Artefact Discovery Box

Content Theme Awareness: Revolutionary War; Fur Trade; Indigenous relations; disenfranchisement;  death; War of 1812

Artefact Box 8  William and Billy Caldwell.png
Artefact Box 9 Mrs. Park.png


Artefact Discovery Box

Content Theme Awareness: middle-class; gentile; motherhood; fashion; progress; death


Artefact Discovery Box

Content Theme Awareness: military; widow; motherhood; immigration; farming; medicine; death

Artefact Box 10 Delmore.png
ADB - Teacher Guide.png

Teacher's Program Guide

A summary of all Artefact Discovery Boxes that includes curriculum expectations, character narratives, artefacts, and video links. Teachers can access the program overview. Great for individual, partner or group work. 

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