Now Closed
Boblo Island

This exhibit will look at the history of Boblo island

This exhibit will showcase the artifacts in our archival collection and those on loan from the Marsh Collection.

This exhibit is a two part exhibit extending throughout 2020

Part 1, opening November 12, will concentrate on the amusement park that we all loved. 

Part 2, opening July 2nd 2020, will be an additional section added to the exhibit that  examines at the pre-amusement park era exploring aboriginal lands and British military presence.  

Medicine in History Exhibit
Condensed Permanent Exhibit Temporarily Closed

In keeping the honour of Dr, Park alive, the Medicine in History Exhibit examines the shift in common medical practices, professionalism among women, to the development bedside manner.


In the midst of our medical artifact collection, learn and see how a society maintained their health. How have things really changed in the last 200 years?  That is your answer to discover.

Great News! A condensed version of the exhibition has been added to the permanent main floor office display for annual viewing. Artifacts will be on rotation.

Loyalists & The Fur Tade

Temporarily Closed

When Detroit was ceded to the United States, following the Revolutionary War, the owners decided to dismantle the building and float it down the Detroit River to Amherstburg.


Come and See how this historic building is rooted in a romantic history, and learn of its role in the Fur Trade.


How was this small town affected by a War fought in the United States?  

The Victorian Home

Temporarily Closed

The Park House Museum was owned by the Park Family for over 100 years...hence the name.


In commemoration to the height of its mercantile success, the main floor has been restored to the Park's 1850's residence and is our permanent display.


In a home built without electricity and running water, come and explore how your ancestors lived without our modern convinces.